You can do this.
WTF is 30 day shred level 2?! Jillian, are you trying to kill me? I didn’t struggle with level one…but this…wow. Highlight was face planting my floor when trying to do plank twists. 
Disappointed to see I’ve only lost an inch off each arm and nothing anywhere else but I will still plough through it! Going to take some photos tomorrow I think.. 
Day 7 of 30DS COMPLETE (with a quick cardio workout on the side)
So glad to finally have a polar watch now to keep a closer eye on calories..seems like I’ve been burning a lot more than I thought so I’ve been majorly under my calories which may explain the weight gain…

Day 1 of Level 1 complete. Let’s try this again and see if I can get further than Day 7.. I want to look FIT and HEALTHY, not like a blob. 

Not going to weigh myself, basing this on measurements and I how I feel. So starting:

Height: 5’8”

Bust: 37.5”

Waist: 33.5”

Hips: 41”

Left thigh: 24.5”

Right thigh: 24”

Left arm: 13”

Right arm: 13”

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